Monday, September 30, 2013


We are delighted to announce the starting of a brand new publishing house, the Glocal University Press (GUP), from the Glocal University at Saharanpur, UP. This initiative will involve the publication (print as well as electronic) of a wide range of academic and semi-academic papers, journals, books and other material produced by academic fraternity of the Glocal University as well as from all over the world.

We are happy to introduce our first venture, the Review of Glocal Studies (RGS), a semi-academic journal that looks at various topics of current research involving the concepts of glocal and glocalisation. The first issue of RGS (Monsoon Issue 2013) is already out, and we are now preparing the second issue (Winter 2014). The ISSN number for RGS is 2347-5072.

We invite you to contribute papers for this issue. Call for papers and guidelines on the contribution are available here.

The Glocal University, Saharanpur, UP, India